Friday, February 11, 2011

Feuding Friday: Gale Vs. Peeta (2)

Feuding Friday is a weekly meme here at Brittany's Fantasy where bloggers choose 2 characters from a book and have readers choose what one they love best. If you would like to borrow this meme you are more than welcome! Simply grab the button, leave a comment, and post away!
This week the feud is between Peeta and Gale from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I chose this series because I absolutely adore it! Although it's hard I would have to say I'm Team Gale! Which one do you love the most?


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  1. Gale!!!
    Peeta was OK in the begining but steadily i grew to dislike him mmore and more. Gale is love and i hated how he got shafted at the end.

  2. Absolutely Gale! Peeta just irritated me ALL THE TIME!

    Btw, I love this Feuding Friday meme! I might have to start it myself :)

  3. Gale! Peeta is annoying, and I think Suzanne Collins din't really give Gale proper closure.
    This meme is fun!

  4. I will tell you once i get to my book! I agree above this meme is fun! I think you should send me the who v. who ahead of time and I'll do it on my blog too! Of course linking it back to you!


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