Friday, July 1, 2011

Interview With Talia Jager

Here with us today is Talia Jager author of "If I Die Young" and 3 other YA novels. To read my review for "If I Die Young" click here.

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview Talia! What call you tell readers about your book "If I Die Young"?

"If I Die Young" is about sixteen-year-old Caelyn Noel. Diagnosed with asthma five years ago, she has had to live life differently. Now years later, things are finally going her way. She has loving parents, the best friend ever, and the boy she has had a crush on since elementary school has finally noticed her. Then, she collapses in school. To her horror, she finds out her heart is failing and she must receive a heart transplant to live. Caelyn struggles with her fear of dying and the worries of having someone else's heart.

What inspired you to write about a young girl with a life threatening condition?

This book hits the closest to home out of all of my books. Heart conditions run in my family. I had heart surgery as a child. My oldest daughter had heart surgery. I lost a cousin a couple years ago to complications from his heart condition and my uncle is on the transplant list right now. However, it was years ago that the story began unfolding in my head and at that point, I just liked to write YA drama. I've always been a fan medical dramas, so I mixed the two, giving a young girl a life threatening condition.

How long did it take to write the first draft of "If I Die Young"? Was it a challenging process?

I started thinking about it years ago and wrote the first few chapters. I didn't like the beginning, so I went back and wrote another one. Then I put it aside. I picked it back up this year and wrote the rest within a month. The most challenging thing is getting all the medical stuff right. Thankfully, this book was easier than some of my others because of my personal experience with heart conditions. Writing any book is challenging. You have to make sure you develop the characters enough. You want them to be real and you want people to relate to them. The relationships the main character has must be believable and interesting to read. The medical part of it has to be right. The setting is another big one. Researching where you want your book to take place and getting enough of it across to the reader so they can picture what's happening. Balancing dialogue and description can also be challenging. But, it's fun. I write for me and I absolutely love when I hear that someone likes one of my stories. Every single sale or good review makes me smile and jump up and down like a kid on Christmas.

What is your favorite genre to write? What is your favorite genre to read?

I love reading and writing young adult. There's nothing like it! I will read other genres occasionally, but when I walk in a bookstore (or eBookstore), I go directly to the YA section.

When you aren't writing or reading, what are some other activities you enjoy?

Being with my family is most important. Whether we're playing board games or the Wii, talking a walk, or watching a movie, I love spending time with them. I also like scrapbooking, photography, listening to music, and watching movies/TV.

Are you currently working on a book?

Yes. I just finished the first draft on a YA paranormal and am halfway through a dark, edgy YA drama. My next project will be the sequel to "The Ultimate Sacrifice".

Where can readers find more information on you and your books?

My blog:

*Quick Answers*

Favorite ice cream flavor?

I'm a chocolate girl. I just tried something like chocolate cake and it was delicious, but I haven't been able to find it since.

Summer or Winter?


Favorite holiday?


White or dark chocolate?

Milk chocolate. (But, if I have to pick between those, I'd say dark).

Favorite author?

There's so many! Right now, I'd say Cassandra Clare.
Thanks a ton Talia!

Thank you for having me!


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