Saturday, June 4, 2011

Iron Knight

I am in love with this series so I was really excited when I first saw this cover. I really do like it but its certainly not my favorite. The color scheme and font is perfect as always but I'm not a fan of the model. I wish I could tell you why but i don't know. I guess its just not how I pictured Ash in my head. What do you guys think?


  1. *sighs* I melt whenever I see this cover. (Which is a bit ironic...)
    My problem is that Ash is a bit young for my taste, and I thought he had silver eyes, not blue. I'm also trying to figure out why he's wearing a coat if he's a winter fey and is immune to the chill.
    I'm still debating whether I want to read this RIGHT NOW or not. Because after the Iron Knight...that's the end and I want to cry. :,(
    I wrote a post analyzing the cover on my blog,

  2. Hmmmm, I'm not a huge fan of the model either...

  3. I wish they had hidden a little more of the model. Just a little more shift to the right would actually make him look more like Ash, because his eyes are real nice. There's just something real weird about the rest of him

  4. Totally agree with Ani. I'd love me some more Ashy-poo to feast my eyes on :P

  5. I love love love this series! Did you see the back cover too? Puck looks awesome! The only thing I had an issue with on this cover were Ash's blue eyes - like Riv Re said, I would've loved to see the silver in them.

    And I agree with you about the model. His face seems really.. soft and childish almost.

    I am now following you & looking forward to more reviews from you :D. Based on your WoW & this, I think we have similar tastes.

    yay! have a nice day!!


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