Friday, April 22, 2011

Feuding Friday (12)

Happy Friday!
Feuding Friday is a weekly event here at Brittany's Fantasy where bloggers pick 2 characters, creatures, settings, authors exc... to post about then have readers comment and choose their favorite of the two. To use this meme on your blog, simply leave a comment, grab the button, and post away! You do NOT have to use the same subjects that I use. Feel free to pick your own!

This week's feud is between Dimitri and Adrian from the Vampire Academy series. I have not had a chance to read this series yet, but I hope to soon! From what I hear there are a lot of Dimitri fans...

Which team are you on?


  1. ADRIAN! (don't judge me!) :)haha! dont get me wrong, I love Dimitri, but something about Adrian won me over since book 3!


  2. Adrian is a sweetie for sure, but Rose was meant for Dimitri all the way!

  3. BOTH!!! I absolutely love them both. They're polar opposites in their personality and behaviour, but they're oh so sexy in their own individual ways. However, I agree with Cyndi. Rose was always meant for Dimitri. Through and through, it's their love story, they're so well suited for each other.

    But I'm so excited to see where Adrian is headed in the spin off series! <3

    I LOVE this series, it's in my top 3 favourites. I hope you love them too, whenever you start reading!

  4. GREAT idea, Brittany! I am all about Dimitri - love the suave, sombre Russian-ness.
    I tried to adore Adrian... but how awful a name is Adrian? It's got to be one of the least heroic, romantic names around. Dimitri, however... !!

    I agree with Beth about the names, too!

  6. Team Dimitri all the way! :):)

  7. LOL ... Adrian is a very MANLY Romanian name, Beth. Very very common in Romania and it's not used for girls at all here. Of course, you read it differently than in English.
    I think she wanted to give Adrian some Romanian descent since his mom's name is Daniela... another very common name here.
    Richelle did mention she was reading into the Romanian tales about vampires but she also took some names up: Adrian, Dragomir, Lazar, Daniela... :) They're all Romanian names.

    Hope I cleared out some of the name doubts here.


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