Friday, March 11, 2011

Feuding Friday (6)

Happy Friday!

Feuding Friday is a weekly event here at Brittany's Fantasy where readers chose their favorite of two characters in a book. If you would like to use Feuding Friday on your blog, just grab the button and leave a comment!

 This weeks feud is between Luc and Gabe from Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers. I chose this book because I hear great things about it all the time! I haven't actually read it yet, but from what I understand I will most likely be Team Luc.


Who's side are you on? Leave a comment!


  1. I've never read this book, so I can't say who I prefer!

  2. This is a really tough one, but I'm going to go with...*takes a deep breath in preparation*
    Luc. (And don't misspell it! I remember on one of the first few pages, Fanny writes "Luke" so he erases it and corrects the spelling;) )
    Gabe is still quite awesome, though, and I like the clouds in his picture :)

  3. I haven't read it but I choose the Darkside so Luc Cain <- name is really cool.


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