Wednesday, March 23, 2011


If you haven't already heard, Jennifer Lawrence has been officially casted as Katniss in The Hunger Games movie based on the books by Suzanne Collins. To read more about Jennifer visit Here is a picture of our future Katniss...

Sure she's pretty, but is she Katniss? I'm not so sure...what do you guys think? I hope they do a good job of making her look more like Katniss in the movie which supposedly hits theaters March 23rd, 2012! One year from today!

While we are on the subject, Lily Collins is now Clary in the upcoming Mortal Instruments movie. To read more about the movie and casting, click here. 

In my opinion, she does not look like Clary at all. I'm a little disappointed that she is playing her, but I am a fan of her acting so maybe it won't be as bad after all.

Then there is that big question: Who is going to be casted for the roles of Peeta and Jace? I wish I could tell you the answer but unfortunately, both are unconfirmed although Alex Pettyfer is rumored for both parts.

Leave your thoughts! :)


  1. Jennifer Lawrence is blond. Please make her dark haired at least before she plays Katniss. And I expected Katniss to be someone who looks more exotic, more dark. And yes, Lily Collins does not look like Clary at all. And I'm really no fan of Pettyfer after I Am Number Four.

  2. I think Jennifer Lawrence will be a great Katniss as long as they dye her hair. She may not fit Katniss' description perfectly, but she's a very good actor.

    But I agree that Lily Collins does NOT look a thing like Clary.

  3. I have only read some of the Hunger Games, but Jennifer Lawrence is SO not a Katniss.


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