Friday, February 18, 2011

Feuding Friday: Damon or Stefan?

Happy Friday!

Feuding Friday is a weekly event here at Brittany's Fantasy where readers chose their favorite of two characters in a book. This week's "Feud" is between Damon and Stefan Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries series and TV show by L.J. Smith.

The reason I chose these two this week, is because I have been thinking about the L.J. Smith news. As most of you already know, L.J. has been fired by Harper Collins and Alloy Entertainment  from writing the Vampire Diaries books because she wanted the books to go in a different direction then them.

Yes she got fired from writing her own books. This is due to the fact that the series is owned by Alloy; They simply gave her an outline of the story they wanted and told her to write it! The next book will not be written by her although it will still say L.J.'s name on the cover. We can only hope the new author is almost as magnificent as L.J.

Now, as much as I would love to talk about my favorite author all day, I must ask: who are you in love with? The dark, sexy Damon or the caring, loving Stefan? I am and forever will be Team Stefan!


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  1. Team Stefan!! Hey, I am new to the book blogging world - and I'm looking for followers. I am now following you :)

  2. Me too! I'm totally Team Stefan...and it's so awful about LJ being fired...I felt terrible when I heard about that.

  3. I heard about LJ Smith and I'm really sad about it. I still hope there's something someone could do about it. :( Oh, and Team Damon all the way here!:D

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  5. wow this is definitely news for me who would fire L.J Smith.. she is like a Lengend!! She's pretty much up there on my top authors list.

    but anyways reading the books I'm totally team Damon but is for the T.V series.. team stefan/both!! lol

    I so want to borrow this meme-ish event, if thats ok I'll totally credit you for it :D

  6. on the show (because I didn't read the books yet) Totally team Damon just because hes hot. lol


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