Friday, February 4, 2011

Feuding Friday: Ash or Puck?

Happy Friday!
Every Friday I will be posting about a "feud" between two characters in a book. All you guys have to do is comment below and fight for your favorite character! This week I am reading Iron Daughter and Iron Queen, hence the reason the first feud will be between Ash and Puck (Robin Goodfellow). It is extremely hard for me to chose because they are both AMAZING. I love Puck's personality, but my heart beats for Ash!

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  1. Team Ash, for sure. From the beginning I KNEW Ash was going to come around :)

  2. God, Team Ash. I love him. I can't wait for The Iron Knight!!


  3. Team Puck all the way! How can you not love a man who can always make you laugh, but will protect you with his life?

    Alexia's Books and Such...

  4. Alexia is so totally right! I LAV Puck! He's awesome, brave, and has a sense off humor too!

  5. I love your meme! I found you through your meme post on book blogs. I have the Friday Five but you already have one on Friday. I'm a new follower so I hope to keep checking out you Feuding Fridays. Would you mind if I adopted it to another day?

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