Sunday, January 30, 2011

My book

Last summer I decided to start writing a book. It's one of those things that I've always wanted to do and I finally found ome spare time for it. It is a fantasy book about a messed up teenage psychic! Here is the prologue, tell me if you guys like it and if I should post more.

Clare County MI, 2003-
The night that Dad died changed Luna’s entire life.
It started out being a fun evening with her family. Luna’s mom wanted to have a bonfire in the backyard. Their family was really close and always spent tons of time together. They sent Pete, her big brother, and Dad into the woods to collect firewood. Meanwhile, she and Mom laid out graham crackers, Hershey’s chocolate bars, and a big bag of marshmallows on the small glass table near the fire pit.
It was a perfect night for a bonfire. Michigan was really cold in the winter and really warm in the summer. It was late July, but it cooled down quickly after 8:00. The sky was clear and Luna could see the bright orange sun setting behind the trees.
Soon, Pete came back from the woods with an armful of twigs. He dumped them into the pit and rubbed the dirt off of his arms. Mom threw a few matches into the pit and the wood started to crackle, but it was going to die unless someone put more wood in it.
“Luna, come here for a minute” Called Pete.
“What is it?” Luna ran over to Pete who pulled a giant beetle out of his pocket.
“I caught this just for you!” He threw the live bug at her and she screamed. Pete laughed at her while she checked her clothes for the beetle.
“Pete! Cut it out that’s disgusting!” She loved Pete but sometimes he liked to tease her.
They waited for Dad to come walking up the hill with a huge pile of sticks and logs in his hands but after a good 15 minutes, he still wasn’t back. Thinking he needed help carrying wood, Mom sent Pete back down the hill to get him.
“Okay, maybe I can catch Luna another friend!”
Luna glared and stuck her tongue out at him.
Another 10 minutes went by and Dad still hadn’t showed up. Suddenly, Pete came running up the hill out of breath. Between panting he managed to say that he found Dad passed out in the woods long ways down the hill. Mom immediately got up and ran down the hill following Pete, yelling for Luna to call an ambulance.
A million thoughts raced through Luna’s head. It had to be a mistake. He passed out? From what? Will he be ok? By the time an ambulance arrived, Luna was crying. She was only 7 and the flashing lights from the ambulance, the confusion, and the worry were all too overwhelming. She didn’t want to lose her dad before he got to see and help her grow up. Her mom and Pete were still down the hill and Luna was debating whether she should join them or not. She was almost scared to see her dad in a state of unconsciousness.
She pointed out to the doctors the way that Mom ran and soon they were running too. In no time, 3 men pushed up the hill carrying Dad. They put Dad on a stretcher and into the ambulance. The doctors said that Mom, Luna, and Pete could ride in the back with him. Mom was trying to get Pete and Luna to stop crying by telling them over and over that it was going to be okay, but she was crying too.
When they reached the hospital, doctors rushed Dad into an emergency room while their family waited in the waiting room. They sat for hours on the hard blue chairs, with nothing to do but worry. Luna couldn’t believe that in just an hour they went from a nice bonfire to her Dad in a hospital!
The nurses were trying to cheer them up, but Luna wanted them to go away. She was exhausted and just wanted her father to be ok. She promised herself that she wouldn’t fall asleep but her eyelids felt heavy, and soon she drifted into oblivion.
Luna woke up to her mom lightly shaking her. For a moment she forgot where she was but she quickly remembered.
“Mom, is Dad okay?”
“I don’t know Honey.” She suddenly looked a lot older than her 37 years. Her eyes were wet, her face was filled with worry lines and wrinkles, and she looked very tired. “The nurse just told us we can go see him.”
The young nurse dressed in pink led them down the quiet hallways of the old hospital. Luna and Pete walked next to each other and Pete attempted to reassure her. When they reached Dad’s room, Luna ran full speed toward the white hospital bed. Her dad wasn’t moving and there were all different kinds of machines and tubes hooked up to him. Luna cautiously touched his cheek. It was cold; colder than anybody’s face should be. Tears streamed down her face.
“Dad,” She said softly. “Dad, can you hear me?” He gave her no acknowledgement.
She glanced up at mom for comfort who was shaking her head and silently weeping. Pete was doing the same.
“Mom! Pete! Is he okay? Why isn’t he answering?”
“Sweetie, why don’t you give your dad a kiss okay?” Said the nurse as she leaned down to Luna’s level. Then she understood. The machines and tubes were keeping Dad alive for now, but they couldn’t forever. It was time to say goodbye. Why can’t anyone just say it out loud?
He will never be able to walk the earth again. He won't be there to teach Luna how to drive. He won't be sitting in the audience at her graduation or be there to say farewell when she set out for college.
He helped her with her homework, taught her how to ride a bike; he was there no matter what Luna needed. Luna thought he had the answers to everything. Now she couldn't be there for him. There was nothing she could do to save her dad. She felt completely helpless.
She, Pete, and Mom all took turns kissing Dad on the cheek and holding his limp hands. Luna whispered “I love you” in his ear.
Mom told her that the doctors weren’t sure how Dad died, but they think it was from a heart attack. Luna didn’t think so. Her dad was only 41 and in great shape. He has never had a heart problem before. She looked at Pete and the confused look in his eyes and the slight shake of his head assured her that he didn’t believe it wasn’t a heart attack either.
Dad was peaceful and very wise, so Luna knew he would be happy in heaven, but she was still crying as she glanced at her dad once more before leaving the hospital room. She knew that as they left, the doctors were going to turn the machines off.
The car ride home was dead silent. Everyone looked like they wanted to say something but nobody did. Luna hated the feeling. She hated that her healthy, happy dad had to die.
There was something else bothering Luna; Something that would keep popping back up into her mind. A dream that she had a few nights ago. She remembered her and Mom sitting around the empty fire pit, preparing Smores. Pete and Dad were in the woods collecting firewood. The rest was blurry like most of her dreams, so maybe she hadn’t dreamt it at all. If she had, it was probably just a coincidence, so she pushed it to the back of her mind and didn’t think about it again.

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